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Draft Order - Fantasy Draft Order Lottery software
Draft Order - Fantasy Sport Draft Order Lottery

Draft Order - Fantasy Draft Order Lottery softwawreEnhance Your Fantasy League's Draft Order Lottery!

For Fantasy Football, Baseball, and all other fantasy sport's leagues

Whether you have a Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball, or Fantasy Hockey league, Draft Order is for you!

Make your fantasy league's draft order feel like a professional one...
Draft Order is a perfect league draft companion to be projected via a Digital Projector or output onto a large television or video monitor for display to the entire league, and it integrates perfectly with the ever popular FanDraft Fantasy Draft Board software.

What Draft Order software does:
If you hold a draft order for your fantasy sports league, Draft Order will handle the entire process for you. Customize your draft order rules, setup all of your teams, and then the software will display an excitingly interactive presentation of the draft order lottery.

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Check out what Draft Order can do

• Animated draft order presentation
• Custom team/league logos and owner images
• Regular or Tiered Style draft order rules
• Customizable lottery ball amounts
• Export data for FanDraft, and printable reports
• Export the lottery presentation to the web
• and much more... (view all features)

Draft Order v4.0 is now available

The new version is loaded with new features

• Both Mac and PC compatible
New! Draft Order version 2 is now available  Ability to upload to the web
• Auto-advance picks
• Improved performance
• and much more...
(view all features)

Export Draft Order to a TV or digital projectorExport to a TV, digital Projector, and the web

Find out the best way for you to use Draft Order

The heart of the Draft Order software is in the exciting draft ordere lottery presentation. To enhance your leagues order process, you can export this display to a TV, Projector. If owners are unable to attend, you can even export the presentation to the web (more)

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